S110: good but one major disappointment

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Re: S110: good but one major disappointment

Mark B. wrote:

thermal1 wrote:

brianj wrote:

Interesting, they look like low light but the sky is probably very bright.

You might need an external ND filter.

I don't think I have ever owned or seen a small sensor camera that went smaller the f8.


Thanks. I remember seeing f22 on previous cameras and made the (false) assumption all manual control was the same.

You won't see much smaller than f/8 on any compact digicam. The physical opening of the aperture is directly proportional to the sensor size. The smaller the sensor, the smaller the aperture.

What you'll need is a neutral density filter, but you'll then need very long shutter speeds so it's also dependent on how long of a shutter you can set on the S110.


My S120 has the same F8 limitation and as I always take bracketed exposure shots I often don't get any variation for the longest shot, it would be nice if the ND filter came into use automatically.

As a matter of interest I looked at the specs for my camera before last: a Sony DSCT10, I was surprised to find F3.5 to F4.3!

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