85mm or thereabouts FE lens?

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Re: 85mm or thereabouts FE lens?

salla30 wrote:

tempting also. Countering this choice is the obvious price differential and the fact that I would really like an 85mm full frame option as I can foresee an A7 purchase in the next year or 2. But it's tempting for sure.

I was really wondering if Sony had plans for an 85mm FE lens specifically. This would be a worth addition i feel. I would pay a premium as a longer term investment. With 35mm on the RX1 and a quality AF 85mm FE lens on an A7, I'd be really set for most eventualities.

My guess is yes, they do have plans for an 85mm FE lens in the near future. A medium telephoto lens was on old roadmaps dating back years, but was delayed, and has now vanished.

It's possible (a wild guess) that when Sony made the decision to go full frame, they decided a full frame 85mm lens made more sense for the system, rather than an APS-C only lens. So maybe the development of the APS-C lens was terminated, and development on a FF version started.

There's a wide aperture prime lens on this year's roadmap. I'm expecting it to be the long promised medium telephoto prime (draw your own conclusions, as the evidence here is pretty sparse).

The 85mm f/2.8 SAL lens isn't a bad option at this focal length. Even including the adapter the size isn't too unmanageable. I own this one, and like it a lot. It's sharp enough, and renders beautifully. ~$200 at the moment for the Samyang seems hard to beat though...

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