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Re: Some Tests ProPhotoRGB to sRGB vs working in sRGB

Robin Casady wrote:

Stacy, I downloaded a couple images from your gallery, opened them in Photoshop CS6 using the embedded color space (sRGB), and checked gamut. Oops. The grey areas are out of gamut.

Grey areas are out of gamut

Tell me more about how, "There is -no possible way- for an image that was actually developed or converted as a sRGB file to then include out of gamut colors for sRGB…"

I 'm not sure what you are doing here, just as I'm not sure what you are doing with your LR color management examples. I just did what you -said- you did and my gamut warning in PS (-proof device setup- as sRGB) shows nothing. Maybe you have the proof device setup as a monitor profile? (That is what I normally use for gamut warning so I will know there is stuff going on with an aRGB file I can't see, or I setup proof with the printer profile looking for colors in aRGB my printer can't handle) When I switch to one of my older monitor profiles as the "proof device", it looks like what you posted.

Again I have no clue what you have done here but if you think an sRGB image can contain colors that are out of gamut for sRGB, you really don't understand color management.

At first I thought you were seriously asking for information about how wider space profiles can posterize an image (the engineers at canon agree on that even if you don't), now I see you were just baiting for an argument. I'm done trying to converse/help someone as openly hostile as you have become. Continue on with whatever it is you are doing and have fun!

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