Are we a bit misdirected?

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Re: Are we a bit misdirected?

Hey now, watch it with that "we" business! LOL

Yes, a lot of people on this forum are, in my opinion, inordinately focused on the technical aspect of photography. But then, this is a gear oriented website. You can find ones where the aesthetics of the photo takes greater precedence by far.

One reason for that is that pretty much anyone can develop technical chops, but refining an aesthetic vision and style can be elusive to some. I wager all of us look at some photos a child or beginner has taken and think "Well, snap, how'd he manage to do that?" from the standpoint of admiring their aesthetic. I know I do at times.

There can be some pretentiousness involved in such discussions, on both sides. Frankly, I'd say about 75% of those discussing such things really are only taking what would be considered "snapshots". By that I mean capturing random moments in time for personal satisfaction. Sure, some folks turn up their noses at what they call snapshots, as though what they produce as they wander through the woods or along a street, looking for "the right shot", is somehow superior to what they call a "snapshot". Most of the bluster involved in the discussion is just ego bolstering narcissism on both sides. That's why I think photos by kids or beginners can sometimes be so good: they aren't worried about who they will impress, they just want to capture the moment.

I like what Gary Winogrand said, "I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed."

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If, in my lifetime, I will have produced just one image that makes a real difference in the life of another, I will have achieved my highest goal as a photographer.

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