FZ20 finally died, looking at the FZ200

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Re: FZ20 finally died, looking at the FZ200

Sakedad wrote:

Hello everyone!

So many here helped me choose my FZ20 10 years ago and it has been around the world and served me well. Alas, it died a quiet death in Puerto Vallarta (turns on but lens won't come out) and rather than repair it I have decided to upgrade. The FZ200 looks like a big improvement to the FZ20.

I have searched the forum but can't seem to find info on one thing that is very important to me. I do a lot of live theatrical shooting and a) need to make sure the FZ200 is silent like the FZ20 and b) would love to see some theatrical pics using existing lighting from the shows/concerts in low lighting.

Thanks for all your help in advance.

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Experiment, experiment, experiment....it's free after all!

I still have mine, and it sits on a shelf...due to having the FZ200

I don't recall anything the FZ20 can do, that the FZ200 can't do....or can also do, but better.

Better EVF, better LCD, better battery life....I mean WAY better battery life, lol...what else?

Oh, twice the zoom range (wider and longer) , WAY better video....faster fps.....RAW ability, photo styles...assignable function buttons, higher and usable iso settings....creative filters...better ergonomics...(much improved grip)...plus more that I can't remember.

Hope this helps


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