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Re: Pictures please?

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I ran extensive tests regarding this combo all afternoon in both Jpeg AND RAW. I just can't reconcile the file qualities after having owned a Fuji X-T1. Listen, it's a technical marvel with a boatload of settings don't get me wrong. But in the end it's ALL about IQ and thus far I can't say I'm happy with what I'm seeing, so it's going back. I'm not getting the eye popping color quality nor the sharpness I'm used to. Also retention of detail at the higher ISO's is left wanting as it comes with a nice penalty of noise along as a side. I'm sure it is great for tracking action, but alas I guess it's just not for me. Hope you all continue to enjoy what you're working with.

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Surprise that you cannot get popping color or high sharpness.

I can see you forming/having a bias towards the Fuji X-T1 as to processing and post-edit flows, but there is no reason that an A6000 flow would not yield the same results. Perhaps a new learning curve?

As to lenses, you'll need to mount the appropriate lens if you do detail comparisons.

Aside the noise, which may be a real issue - I don't know, the 24Mp of the A6000 and the 16Mp of the X-T1 are hard to compare. I remember this from the earlier Nex-7 days versus earlier Fuji models, but, if you agreed on proper down/up sampling comparison methods, the 24Mp Bayer image was consistently outperforming the 16Mp Fuji image.

I would really be surprised if the A6000 vs. X-T1 would be any different - see earlier discussions here on this topic.

Also, ISO comparisons are not fair - compare same aperture, lens-FL, and shutter speed settings. You may in fact be comparing different ISO levels, yielding incorrect conclusions. E.g. if Fuji states ISO 1600, but reality is ISO 1000 and Sony states ISO 1600, but reality is ISO 1450, naturally, the A6000 will show more noise. If you compare side-by-side, you should work from shutter priority and see how the two cameras select ISO, based on FL, SS and aperture selections.

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