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Re: Possible Radio Frequency Interferdnce (RFI)

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Thank you for the replies.

I used fresh batteries again and again in both RF 603 N and all flash units. No success. Firing is very random. These flashes fire 50% or less frequently, that too all of them wont fine together. Some times one, some times two and other times 3 fire simultaneously.

If there is no other alternative I have to try RF 603 II . Is there any other alternative solution with cable connection to fire all four units simultaneously so that I can get consistent results because I am trying to capture water drops pictures.

Thank you


Have you considered that there may be some local RF interference on the RF channel that you are using.

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Lynn David Cole

Have you used this gear before and had the same issues, possibly in a different location? And do all the flashes test fire, work reliably mounted on the camera.

Yonguo isn't the most reliable of manufactures, but this really sounds like a some issues other any a device failure. Although it might be a bad trigger, they all have that in common. When only one fires is it always the same one?

If there is interference, changing the channel might help, I'm not sure that actually changes the frequency, or changes it much. I assumed these were using the same open low power frequencies the FCC assigned for general consumer electronic such as cordless phones (not cell phones), and also I think WiFi and Bluetooth?

A cable for one flash should be pretty easy to find, probably available in most camera stores. I'm pretty side there's nothing that would have to be Nikon or Yonguo specific, just a male ISO shoe on one end and female on the other. Splitting that for four flashes shouldn't be technically complicated, but finding a premade cable might not be easy.

I have used some older 16 channel RF-616 units (manufacture unknown) and they were unreliable in some locations.

I now use the Yonguo YN-622C units and they are extremely reliable and have much better range.

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Lynn David Cole

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