Will Oly benefit from Sony partnership via curved sensor?

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Re: Will Oly benefit from Sony partnership via curved sensor?

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It seems to me that it'd be just as difficult to design lenses for a specific field curvature as it is to design lenses for flat field.

To design a lens for a specific field curvature chosen so as to fit the (fixed) FL of the lens is indeed easier (requires a less complex design for the same optical performance) than designing it for a perfectly flat field. But that's about it.

Whether it would be an advantage to have a curved sensor for an ILC and its associated lens system is at best unclear. What is perfectly clear is that, as you say, a curved sensor would be no advantage for MFT since it would require a total redesign of all lenses.

You change the sensor with the lens, like in Sony's camera modules without a method of viewing interfacing with phones or tablets, or Ricoh's (?) method of a camera body without a sensor onto which you mount lens modules each with its own sensor.

Yes, if the future is interchangeable lens-sensor modules, things stand differently. The idea is less viable for zooms than for primes but possibly opting for a sensor with the curvature that is best on average rather than for a flat one might offer certain advantages.

Even so, a long telephoto lens designed for a flat sensor is not that much more difficult than one that the designer can have an arbitrary curved sensor to play with.


Now a sensor with a dynamically tune-able curvature to fit the lens mounted, sort of a zoomable curvature sensor, that would be the thing. Let's zoom the lens and sensor and the flash and everything together!

Isn't that what so-called organic sensors is all about?

Yes. And the ultimate goal is to just let the 'photographer' upload whatever human memory they have from an experience to more non-volatile memory (maybe electronic, maybe something else). That would take the matter out of the hands of the mechanical and optical engineers and solve the problem through computing, which is a solidifying trend these days in many disciplines.

Right. The Google glasses will transform into Google brain implants. Meanwhile, here's a preview of my experimental work with curved sensors. OK, still a little dark, noisy, and fuzzy, I know, but I'll fix that in the next firmware release. 

P.S. Can you guess what this actually is?

A chrome bumper?

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