a77 mk2 is fastest AF i've used!

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Re: US Air Force Thunderbirds

Mike, not bad for a rookie (I consider myself a rookie as well). For those opposing pass shots, I usually don't use the long end of telephoto zoom (400mm in my case). The long focal length leaves little room for mistake, like your last picture show one jet partially. I would rather crop the pictures afterwards. Here are some from a recent Blue Angels show. https://www.flickr.com/photos/douglasliu/sets/72157644879975048/

The ones from the Nikon D610 needed a lot of editing (operator error), the ones from the Canon 5DIII are crystal clear.

Hoping to see more pictures from the A77II  + 70-400mm G2 combo. The A77II's AF capability Gary Fong demonstrated on youtube is perfect for airshows, it gives you a lot of leeway in composing the shots as you don't need to keep the subject in the center to track it.

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