a77 mk2 is fastest AF i've used!

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Re: a77 mk2 is fastest AF i've used!

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Can you explane how you activate lock on af for bif?

Because if it takes a long time I won't even bother using it. And can you use it when center focus point is used?

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Lock-on Expanded Flexible Spot is a separate AF mode. So if you are in that mode you don't have to do anything special or extra - just AF as normal. You can select the center point.

Don't you have to push some button first to lock on your subject?

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I'm still leaning my new a77ii, but here is how the lock on works based on my experience thus far.

In the EVF, you'll see a black box, same size as the green focus box in the center focus location. Place that black box over the subject you want to start tracking. Half press the shutter release and the box will turn green. It's now locked onto that subject / target. It will stay locked on until you click the shutter or release the shutter button.

You must be in continuous focus mode and select lock on flexible point focus mode.

I'm going to test this tomorrow at an air show tracking planes.

It seems to me so far that lock on mode is a good mode for most of my photography. I used it last night for glowing hot air balloons at dusk and it seemed to work well even though the target wasn't moving much. I should have selected a higher ISO and shutter however since it was almost dark.

Mike, how did the A77II perform at the airshow. It's on my radar screen to purchase for airshows, because the Af tracking an fps capabilities. Thanks.


Hi Douglas,

I just got home and I'm in the process of uploading my images into Lightroom. I think the tracking was pretty awesome, but being a rookie at shooting at an air show, my technique could be better. I'm planning to write a review of my first couple of weeks with this camera in the next day or so and I'll have images from the air show in that review. I'll also post some here on the forum.

Quick review: I shot at 3 fps and at 8 fps. I found that using 8 fps was great for tracking the Air Force Thurderbirds. I would shoot in burst of 3-4 images, and never had to wait on the buffer before firing off another burst. But, I can tell you, it eats up 16 GB cards quickly! 643 images on my first card. I shot over 1000 images and still had 25% battery left using these high speed shots. I also didn't do an auto review of each image, just a quick review in the EVF once in a while.

I never noticed any issues using the EVF for tracking the planes / jets either, no slideshow issues as many have complained about. But, this is my first EVF, and I've never shot an air show with my old a580, so can't really tell you how it compares to an OVF. I can tell you that I seriously doubt my a580 would have been up to the job focusing on these fast moving planes.



Thanks for the update. I have been to a dozen airshows. To me, one of the tricks shooting airshows is "anticipate", anticipating when the two jets flying in opposite direction will cross from each other, about a second before you think they will cross, hold the button and spray and pray.

I have been using my Canon 5DIII and the Canon 100-400mm for airshows and I am very happy with the results, but a little longer reach and fast fps would help even more. If you are interested you can see a recent show here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/douglasliu/sets/72157644797836079/

I have recently switched to a Nikon D7100, a D610 and the new Nikon 80-400 VR but 95% of the shots with those combo are blurry. I am sure it's the operator errors. Depends on if Nikon will ever come out with the replacement for the D300 or the D7100, the Sony A77II will remain on my radar screen.

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