Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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There is a cheaper alternative on used market

As I mentioned above the older F*FA*300/4.5 with very decent $99 Vivitar Series-1 AF 1.4x TC makes 402mm (real magnification of TC is 1.34x) f/6.3 combo. With genuine K-5 I was able to AF successfully at f/6.3-f/7.1 (on camera). The BIF business is not as good, though.

Vivitar is a clone of highly praised Tamron AF-Pz with disabled PZ-contacts. I was shooting with Vivitar TC for about 3-5 months and then for 1.5-2 years with the 1.4x Tamron. When I upgraded to the Tamron I did not noticed any visible difference.

These are not the best shots. That's what I quickly found in the Gallery. All shots are handheld. look at EXIF for details.

K-5 and FA*300/4.5 alone

K-5, FA*300+ Vivitar 1.4x (cropped, of course)

K-5, FA*300+ Vivitar 1.4x (cropped)

Quite heavy crop: Maybe Vivitar maybe Tamron. However, they are identical optically.

BIF with FA*300 and Tamron; Vivitar does the same

And similar to your "dollar bill" test with 1.4x Tamron. I lost the shot with Vivitar, but it was almost identical. The shot is taken from 25FL (approx. 25ft) distance. 1.65x crop, tripod, MLU, remote.

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