Will Oly benefit from Sony partnership via curved sensor?

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Re: Will Oly benefit from Sony partnership via curved sensor?

Klarno wrote:

It seems to me that it'd be just as difficult to design lenses for a specific field curvature as it is to design lenses for flat field.

To design a lens for a specific field curvature chosen so as to fit the (fixed) FL of the lens is indeed easier (requires a less complex design for the same optical performance) than designing it for a perfectly flat field. But that's about it.

Whether it would be an advantage to have a curved sensor for an ILC and its associated lens system is at best unclear. What is perfectly clear is that, as you say, a curved sensor would be no advantage for MFT since it would require a total redesign of all lenses.

I also remember someone authoritative (Brian Caldwell maybe?) implying that even in the worst cases of field curvature, or single-element systems, the field curvature shouldn't be anything like that implied by the heavily curved Sony prototype sensor. A curved sensor wouldn't be anything to build an interchangeable lens system around, rather it's something you'd have to develop in tandem with a single optical system.

It wouldn't benefit MFT at all ever, as it would require a total redesign of all lenses.

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I posted that perhaps an adapter with a lens element or two inside could make existing lenses work with the curved sensor to open up lens options. I agree a fixed lens option seems easier with wide and tele converting lenses attaching on the front like the X100. The benefits are getting simpler smaller and maybe brughter lenses so more compact.

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