Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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Paul I should do another try on the AF-calibration before sending it back

paulkienitz wrote:

I made some fresh efforts with the Bigmos today. First I tried it on the bird feeder in the back yard. Most shots were either slightly misfocused or slightly motion-blurred, but occasionally both would be just right... this goldfinch is from like 35 feet / 10m:

Then back to the wetland. The tide was high and the sun was low, which was bad in that the birds were staying out in the middle of the water because there was no shore mud to attract them, but good in that there was less heat and less wind. This line of avocets and willets was over 100m away:

...and it still managed, in these improved atmospheric conditions, to get pretty clear detail at that distance.

(Note - that's not a detail from the wide shot shown above it, but from a different one in the same series.)

- * - * - * - * -

So, I definitely could use this Bigmos for birding. But I'm not convinced that I should. It's very heavy and bulky, requiring a large backpack and, for extended usage, a big tripod too. And the detail it provides, even after it's shown its better side, is really only a minor improvement over what I get out of the 55-300 with much less trouble. It doesn't really seem worth it.

When I returned a semi-decent tripod for a better one today, I said to myself, "Why take the trouble to upgrade if you're going to only upgrade halfway? Go big or stay home." And that made sense for a case where the costs are comparable, but with supertele lenses, going big and not upgrading halfway is so expensive it can make you reconsider whether you want to be a photographer anymore.

This Bigmos is very much a halfway upgrade. It just doesn't really set itself apart qualitatively from what I can do with basic affordable zooms, the way a big prime might be able to. But justifying something like a DA 560 is quite a lot to ask. If I'm going to spend that much, I need to consider options that include buying an entire system on another mount, which might actually be cheaper than trying to get the most out of a K-3.

I need to decide in the next week or so whether I want to just send this Bigmos back. (And carefully study the return rules.) Whether I eventually get something big, or just stay small, there's not much to say in favor of the mediocre middle.

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"A good photograph is knowing where to stand." -- Ansel

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