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Thanks for your nice words and to answer your question... In the 19th century there are some ships of this type suitable to sail on sea, along the coastline but they were made freight carriers for the Dutch canals and lakes.


Thanks for your interest and your answer is... initially they are made to use commercially. Now they been used for rent to sail on open water and the canals but mainly on the reclaimed Zuiderzee and yes I have been on such ships which mainly have on mast. Two masts are quite rare.


You too thanks for your interest and here are your answers... these ship are not really seaworthy and yes they are used for the Dutch canals and lakes. Also they were sailed by one family who lived on board permanently.

Measurements etc.: Long: 26.73 wide: 5.25 Dept into the water 1.00 and Height (within the ship) 2.20 and carrie about 150.000 150.000 tons of cargo and on the backside of the ship is a living compartment.

At present day they were used by artists as living and atelier space or can be rent to sail on the canals or the reclaimed Zuiderzee. They are quite big ships and juwelry on the Dutch waters.


Thanks for being interested.

FINALLY: the type of vessel is a flat-bottomed hence the two leeboards stability.


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