16-55mm vs 18-55mm.

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Re: 16-55mm vs 18-55mm.

Has there been any formal announcement or availability date mentioned on this lens?

Personally for me I'm thinking it might be to large but will wait and see how it compares tho the 10-24 f/4 which for me is not too large. I'm trying to stay with the f/4 type zooms and use them with the fast primes on the Fuji instead of getting the f/2.8 zooms like I have on my larger Canon system. I think that can be a good compromise of size and flexibility. We'll see. Of course the 18-55 IMO is good comprimise even though its a variable f/stop lens. Wish the 55-200 had been a constant f/4

Again waiting to see the 55-140mm f/2.8 IS as well to see how large that really is.

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