Moire anyone?

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Re: Need to evaluate full-size image ...

veroman wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

veroman wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

veroman wrote:

There's no moire.

Post the whole image at full resolution. I bet you there is moire somewhere. Certainly there will be colour artifacting. I can even see it in the fence as it is.

I don't think it's necessary to post the whole image, full rez. I have no doubt there's moire in there somewhere; jaggies and colour artifacts as well. But the gross example that was initially shown was certainly caused by the downsizing.

Yea, but I thought this was a technical photography forum. Your initial post was specifically about moire, so why not post the whole full rez image? I find it fascinating that so many people here are obsessive over sharpness, yet don't seem to want to discuss the other downsides that come with it when the OLPF is omitted.

Go on ... post the whole thing so we can have an investigation and discussion! just for starters, those fence posts sure look a strange colour to me!! can't anybody else see that?

Are you asking for "full size" @ 72dpi or "full size/full rez" @ 300dpi?

How bizarre. DPI is a meaningless metric when looking at pixels.

The latter would take forever to load and review, if at all. Not sure what you're asking for ... or why

Hard to tell if you're serious here. Have you been drinking? are you extracting the urine, or are you genuinely clueless?

As far as the fence color goes, the photo was shot (obviously) just before full sunset, with the setting sun shining right on the posts. Other than pulling back on the yellow a little bit 'cause I thought there was too much, that's pretty much the color of those posts at that time; tan with a bit of setting-sun, golden yellow/brown.

I'm referring to the background part of the fence where the wood seems to have taken on purple and green hues. Or haven't you been able to see that?

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