10-24mm issue solved!

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10-24mm issue solved!

For those who don't recall, my 10-24mm bought through George's Cameras in Sydney would lose electronic contact with my X-Pro body when attempting to adjust aperture. It was the last one in stock. We tried it on a new XT1Fuji body in the shop with the same result.

Had to be the lens, right?

We agreed that I'd hang onto it until new stock arrived. Three months passed. I went in and tried three separate 10-24mm - all showed the same problem.

So, not the lens but the body. Right?

Now, although the lens is new the body is and old X Pro purchased very cheaply via Ebay. It's been terrific and I've had no issues with the 5 other Fujifilm lenses that I apply to it.

So Georges send the camera off to Fuji to solve the Big Lens Mystery.

Two weeks later the camera is returned with the mount contact assembly stripped down and repaired and the PSP mount and sheet grips replaced. The entire camera was cleaned inside out and...


How cool is that? An old second hand body that was well out of warranty and they've essentially made it feel like new. Even my 55-200mm which functions perfectly but always felt a bit loose is now perfectly tight. Beautiful.

Impressed with George's Cameras.

VERY impressed with Fuji.

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