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Re: Different Color Spaces Articulate Color Differently

TOF guy wrote:

MiraShootsNikon wrote:I think the later is what occurs, not the former.

Depends on how the transformation is done (i.e. in PhotoShop absolute colorimetric, relative colorimetric or perceptual)


Editing in aRGB, when none of the colors in the image exceed sRGB, and then converting to sRGB, using relative won't cause a saturation/color change but retains the larger steps between colors that editing in aRGB creates. But my original point was, if all or most of the colors are inside sRGB to start with, why edit in aRGB?

Using perceptual, which must be used when there are colors are outside of sRGB, does compress the space to the gaps normally in sRGB but will lower the saturation/look/color balance of the image and it will sometimes need to be further edited.

This same stuff happens when you pick a rendering intent for the printer profile when sending a file to the printer.

I'm not saying the bellow page is 100% accurate as far as -everything- on it, but it seems to get the basics across.

I think there is a LOT of confusion of many forums about what a color space is, when to use which type, what a profile is vs a color space etc. It turns into the same mess DOF discussions turn into

My point to the OP and other casual shooters was, if you aren't going to read a book or two on the subject, just shoot in sRGB to avoid creating headaches for yourself like the image he posted illustrates. Especially if you don't have a high end calibrated wide gamut monitor to view them on for editing and/or simply let the printer deal with color management.

I never intended this to turn into a lengthy debate about color spaces...

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