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Re: Different Color Spaces Articulate Color Differently

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Hmm. When I compare AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB to sRGB, what I see is that the gamuts are all shaped differently. It's not just that ProPhotoRGB or AdobeRGB are "bigger" than sRGB in every direction--it's that they're bigger at different rates in different directions.


That would suggest to me that it's not just a question of one space being able to account for "more" or "less" color than another; rather, it would seem that the same RAW bits converted in different color spaces would articulate color with qualitative differences, based on each space's shape. If you edit in ProPhoto RGB or AdobeRGB, it's not just that there's "more color" or that each bit represents a bigger color shift in every direction--it's that the result will actually look different over the regions the two spaces share.


Taking this observation one step further: if you process your RAW in ProPhoto or AdobeRGB and then later convert to sRGB, is it true that your software "squeezes" the ProPhoto or Adobe RGB articulation into the sRGB space (i.e., compresses the "gaps" per bit) or is it the case that your software simply converts the ProPhoto or AdobeRGB articulation to the closest directly equivalent colors in the sRGB space and just clips any instance in which the ProPhoto or AdobeRGB articulation exceeds the sRGB gamut?

I think the later is what occurs, not the former.

Depends on how the transformation is done (i.e. in PhotoShop absolute colorimetric, relative colorimetric or perceptual)

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