Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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Re: REDEMPTION! Sort of.

paulkienitz wrote:

I redid some tripod testing, and whaddaya know, the Bigmos suddenly decided to start acting like a real lens. All the incredible smudging and mushiness that it was showing at the long end has suddenly vanished!

I also verified that there was a focus error, as I expected, in my previous test of the DA 55-300 at 300mm. By redoing both of these, I can now compare the long ends of both lenses much more fairly. Both are a little soft wide open, both start to suffer diffraction at f11. Instead of a big grid, I will simply put up a direct comparison of the sharpest shot from each:

Note that the Bigmos still underexposes, but the deeper blacks are not down to just that. It seems to be the winner in contrast.

Note 2: I zoomed the DA shot by only 150%, not 160, and it's still slightly more magnified. The 500 setting on this puppy appears to be less than 450 real millimeters.

Finally, I observe that though the Bigmos shot is significantly crisper looking, its resolution advantage is not obviously large. Along the bottom edge of the shot is about the only place where I can definitely prove it saw something the DA did not. (This may need I need to try the shot from farther away.) Also, the DA shot has some moire.

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Noce testing Paul.  I spent many a frustrating day learning this lens and "get it" about wondering if it's a winner or not.  I still wonder if you have a copy that should be exchanged because it's tolerances don't match up well with your body.

I was, however, thinking of your plight when I ran across the DPR testing of this lens on a 5DmkIII.  It's numbers should give insight into the Bigmos on the 24MP K3 sensor resolution wise.  Meaning the resolution in testing on the 5DmkIII went up over APS-C sensor bodies.  BTW, if you look at the 100-400L it's test results are mostly worse than the BigmOS or at least on par with them.

But the testing charts do seem to correspond with my experiences with the lens.  Not sure if it helps you or not but there it is.

As far as the exposure thing, comes down to knowing the lens and setting your exposure compensation or just accounting for it when shooting.  I am full manual pretty much all the time but am learning to at least try and embrace TAV mode and I hardly ever rely on the camera's meter preferring to trust my instincts.  To me no DSLR I've ever used gets the exposure right to my eye...just use it as a starting point.  Plus I think I am ovr reliant to addressing exposure in post which might be me being a lazy guy...hahaha...keep after it, hope it ends up working out for you.

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