e-m10 or e-m5

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Re: e-m10 or e-m5

Other than the 12-50 kit lens the only weather-sealed lenses you can get (Olympus ones anyway) are the 12-40mm Pro lens (v. expensive) and the 60mm macro (great, but a bit long for general use). That's why I opted to get it with the camera (it was an extra £150 at the time, compared to £270 to buy the lens separately).

It depends on your personal preferences of course, but in your position I'd get the E-M5 12-50 kit even if it meant delaying getting the 45mm for a while.

Edit: Also, since you're coming from Sony Alpha remember that the 'crop factor' is different on m4/3. No need to go into the details of that here, but essentially it means that the Olympus 45mm lens on a m4/3 camera will give you about the same angle of view as a 60mm lens on your a57k. That, to me, would be too long a focal length to have as my only lens.

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