Essential D800/E/810 Gear: the Computer

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Essential D800/E/810 Gear: the Computer

Dear all,

Now that its been a couple years since the D800 was launched, I was wondering what your computer setups look like -- what specs are "needed" (essential) and what are "nice to have" (non-essential)?

I've been working very modestly with D700 files in Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 3.  A few small backup drives are basically the only thing I've needed and the speeds have been USB 2.0 (older version).  I'm using a first generation 64-Bit i-7 Windows PC with 2.8 GHz CPU and 8 GB of RAM.  The machine itself works perfectly fine and reliably except that, at times, it feels slightly sluggish to start up a new program or wakeup out of sleep (and I'm not sure why, maybe a RAM issue -- its a "Gateway FX6831" if anyone is curious).  However, I would like to stay in the Windows environment, as that is what my other software supports as well.  The computer I have does not make it very easy to add additional internal drives and lacks native USB 3.0 support.  I also think it overheats.  I understand that "Graphics Cards" are NOT the most important issue for Photo Editing -- and are more oriented to Gaming.  But I'm curious about Video, as my D700 never had video and I would like to try.  I also do some recording, but have found my machine to be not only noisy from its fan, but also electronically noisy (not optimized for Audio recording, static sound is introduced through USB connections and tiny amounts of power).   Any new computer should be able to handle video files smoothly.

So after all your experience, do you know of any PCs that you could recommend for between $1,000-$1,500 or so dollars that is:

- Lightning fast for Photo Editing D800 RAW files,
- Capable of handling Video smoothly,
- Resistant to overheating, but not to noisy (water cooled?),
- Easily upgradable to internal backup drives
  (such as 2 x 4TB & a Solid State for Booting), 
- Perhaps comes with a Solid State as its primary drive,
- Has plenty of USB 3.0 ports,
- Has very fast RAM (not slow RAM),
- Electronically quiet/clean (for Sound editing/recording without static).

I'd guess that $1,000 is ambitious, but $1,500 might get near it.  Any thoughts on what's out there and reliable (even if not 100% conforming to this list)?

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