Olympus EM1 vs Nikon D800 systems

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Re: Olympus EM1 vs Nikon D800 systems

Photo Pete wrote:

ThePhilips wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

Now, if only Olympus would permit exposure compensation in manual mode [...]

Sorry for potentially stupid question: how exposure compensation is supposed to work in manual mode?

In aperture prio mode, exp.comp. changes shutter. In shutter speed prio mode, it changes aperture. In program mode, it "shifts" the program. But what it supposed to do in manual mode? - when photog has already set all the shooting parameters *manually*?


Manual with auto ISO and exposure compensation is the way to go!

I see.

The problem (as I see it) is that traditional EV formula misses the ISO sensitivity. The whole control layout (PASM) is revolving around either aperture or shutter speed. Aperture priority more changes the SS (and ISO). SS prio mode changes the aperture (and ISO). Program mode - blah blah blah.

Latitude of ISO sensitivities has expanded greatly and offers often greater range than for example aperture: there are only three stop between f/2.8 and f/8.0, the natural limit of m43 before the light diffractions kick in. That, while there are *5* (five!) stops between ISO 3200 and ISO 100.

If one brings in the sensitivity, the matrix of possible priority modes expands greatly, because priority can be on one out of three or two out of three parameters:

  1. aperture prio; ISO and SS auto (exists, "A" mode with auto ISO)
  2. SS prio; aperture and ISO auto (exists, "S" mode with auto ISO)
  3. ISO prio; aperture and SS auto (exists, "P" mode w/o auto ISO)
  4. aperture and SS prio, ISO auto (missing, the mode you are asking for)
  5. aperture and ISO, SS auto (exists, "A" mode w/o auto ISO)
  6. SS and ISO, aperture auto (exists, "S" mode w/o auto ISO)

There is no point for the mode to be called "manual". It is not "manual", because you want camera to choose ISO for you. What you ask for is basically combined aperture and SS prio modes with auto ISO, where exposure compensation adjusts the selected by camera ISO sensitivity.

You probably should petition camera manufacturers to rethink the whole PASM mode dial paradigm.

P.S. For starters, a simple toggle/flip switch for auto ISO would be helpful.

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