Taking the plunge to legacy lenses.

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Taking the plunge to legacy lenses.

Last November I decided to move up from Point and Shoot photography, purchasing an NEX-3 camera and some lenses to use with it.

It wasn't long before I realized that the NEX-3 wasn't going to do the job for me. As good as the camera was I needed a viewfinder. The LCD didn't cut it for me. So I traded up to an NEX-6. Lately I bought an A6000 body (after all I have the lenses already.)

Both cameras are fantastic, indeed they are too good. I have found myself falling into a bad habit, letting the camera and lens do all the work for me. I was using them as extremely capable point and shoot cameras and not advancing my abilities as a photographer. So I decided to change the game and move to manual focus lenses, forcing myself to pay more attention to the process.

This started a new round of questions. What lenses to buy? Have you ever looked into used lenses on EBAY? There are thousands listed to choose from. Should I buy a number of different brands (and adapters) or pick a format and build on it? Where do I start?

While doing my research I read an article on the internet where the author was discussing the Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 S.C. lens. While discussing the qualities of the lens he made the argument that the FD 50 was an excellent lens to learn on. Once you are confident with it you can then move out to other lenses. Coincidentally that same afternoon I found an FD50 on EBAY, already adapted to E mount, for $29.00. I couldn't stop myself, I took the plunge.

It arrived in the mail today and after dinner I went out to play with it for a little while. These were my best photos of the day. Shot in JPEG with the only editing being a crop to fit a 5x7 print.

Comments, suggestions, questions and constructive criticism are all welcome. I'm very much a novice so every little bit helps.

Thanks for reading this,


Pic 1, an old bench I intend to reclaim

Pic 2, my puppy Ginger, totally bored with my playing with that camera thing again

Pic 3, Ginger deciding to get some exercise while I looked for birds

Pic 4, Rich black and white is the only Picture Effect on the Sony that I use with any regularity

Pic 5, A garden sculpture in my neighbor's yard

Pic 6, A Wasp looking for a place to settle (not if I can help it)

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