The miserable AF-ON Button

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Re: The miserable AF-ON Button

wasserball wrote:

Am I the only one who uses the shutter release for focusing, and the AF-On button to lock the focus?

Yes, just you.

I use it that way to stay focus on a baseball batter, and then chase the batted ball with another shot. Using the shutter seems to be natural for me rather than using the AF-On button in that situation.

Aim at batter. Press and hold AF-ON until batter is in focus. You have the option of holding it down to account for batter movement, or release AF-ON to lock focus. Take shot of batter. Press and hold AF-ON as you track the ball. How is that more difficult than what you do?

Custom Settings

  • a1: AF-C: Release
  • a4: AF Activation: AF-ON only
  • Focus Mode: AF-C

Press and release the AF-ON button and you have AF-S functionality. Press and hold the AF-ON button and you have AF-C functionality. Separating focus from shutter release button allows you to focus then compose.

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