16-70 repair by Sony?

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Re: no proof

AFishEye wrote:

mandophoto wrote:

AFishEye wrote:

How is a random image a proof of anything? Is this what you call methodology? Were you able to accurately reproduce it in various focal lengths under same test conditions and in different occasions? How was this image taken, handheld I guess.
I can use every random partially unfocused image as a proof for decentering.
You better have something much better than that to support your claim!

So you are saying that Sony has purposely designed an arbitrary focal plane lens? In other words, two thirds of an image made with the Sony/ZEISS 16-70 f4 can be perfectly in focus, and the other third of the image will be out of focus, even when having the same focal plane as the rest of the image. WOW.

Sorry brother, but at 23mm and f6.7 with two thirds of the image sharp, the entire focal plane should be sharp.

While it is possible that you had 3(!) bad lenses in a row, it's not probable!
Until you provide meaningful samples (plural, under identical reproducible conditions) and describe the methodology used, your claims remain completely unsubstantiated.

Yes, this is the third lens but 9mos after the first two. While I am not a Sony apologist, neither am I a troll or hater. The sample is obvious to me, but not to you. OK. All I'm looking for is confirmation that Sony will repair/adjust this known issue.

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