16-70 repair by Sony?

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Re: 16-70 repair by Sony?

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Nine months past I tried two new 16-70 Sony/ZEISS but found both de-centered and immediately returned both. Since then, with a new a6000, I decided to try the lens again but unfortunately the new, third copy is also bad. Sigh.

My question then is, has anyone sent a de-centered 16-70 back to Sony for adjustment? If so, did Sony agree to the repair, and if so, was the lens adjusted to your satisfaction?

Thank you.

Care to share some examples of at least one of these lenses and provide details as to the methodology used to decide whether a lens is decentered?!

The left side of this image is soft, even though the tree trunk is on the same focal plane as the picnic table (focal point,) in the center. At 23mm and f6.7, the tree (on the left) should be sharp.

Look at the distance of the tree on the left side and compare it to what looks like the same distance to the table on the right. They appear to be the same in distance and similarly slightly out of focus. Sorry, but I think it's in your head and you're caught up in the decentering theory conspiracy. It's up to you but I think you've got a good copy. I don't know what your previous camera was but moving to 24mp from 16 is an eye opener for pixel gawking when doing 1:1 previews. There is also OSS that may be initiating some mild differences side to side.

I don't think you have this right. The right side foreground tree, and table in the background are not in the focal plane. Only the tree on the far left and the center table are in the focal plane, with the tree (on the far left,) being out of focus.

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