Have a care in trusting Cameras and Parts.com with your Canon G series cameras for repair..! For tha

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Re: Have a care in trusting Cameras and Parts.com

foggy wrote:

I teach a small class in photography. I’ve been enjoying the craft since early 1972. In my class I have this very nice lady. She is very passionate about the craft, and practices on her granddaughter as she grows up. About 8 to 9 months ago she came to me with a lens that would not focus in one direction nor fold in on shutdown. In looking around we felt that she would pay as much as her G 11 was worth to send into Canon. So in Googling around I found this obscure forum with a lot of recommendations for Cameras and Parts.com. It looked like an inexpensive and affordable solution to repair her camera. So she bundled it off and sent it to them and we waited and waited and waited..! after about a month and a half she started contacting them to no avail. Parts were on back order, they had a lot of cameras ahead of hers she was in line for repair. Finally after about 4 months she ask them to just send her camera back to her. She was told by e-mail it was shipped on May 8th. She was told that she would get a tracking confirmation..! So she waited and waited…! And is still waiting..!

This is either a case of nonprofessional handling of loosing a camera. With no attempt to make it right with the customer. Or her camera having been repaired is now residing with it’s new owner sold as used somewhere on the web market with the proceeds going to Cameras and Parts.com. So the question is do you want to trust your camera to them, and get like service..? The reference number for her camera repair is Y5262 If anybody can verify or look into the E-mail trail. This is just a heads up to inform how you might be treated.


Cameras and Parts.com has a rating of .01 out of 10 on reseller ratings.

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