My first attempt at fireworks

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Re: My first attempt at fireworks

Mr Ed M wrote:

gofasta wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

Beautiful! Job well done.

I'd rather not see people in the pictures, but that's just me.

Can you tell us what camera settings you used?

I was in manual mode with ISO fixed at 100. I also kept the aperture at f/8 for the entire evening. I considered playing with that, but decided to spend more time on shutter speed. I was obviously using a tripod and a remote shutter release. I varied shutter speed between 2 and 10 seconds. It's kind of a crap shoot since you don't know what's coming, so I just kept switching it up. I would look for the shell heading skyward and try to anticipate when it might ignite. That's when I'd hit the shutter release. Honestly, the hardest part was getting the focus right. Turn off AF and then wait for the first few fireworks to try to manually set focus. Hope that helps.

If you have a cable release you can use 'bulb' mode and just press the shutter open when you hear the shell launch, and then release it when the firework begins to fade.

Yes, I wish I had a cable release.  All I have is the wireless release and I don't believe it supports bulb, so I didn't attempt that.  Next time I'll definitely try the cable release as I think you could end up with some really nice shots with multiple busts.

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