Sigma 30 and 19... which one to keep as a general purpose / portability lens ?

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Re: I had both, end up keeping the 19mm, because of Landscape

Amamba wrote:

GaryW wrote:

007peter wrote:

I have both, and I loved them both. But between the two, I endup keeping the S19:

1. There is no Good Landscape Prime for Sony aside from CZ-24mm, and that is $1200

Yeah, people don't seem too excited about the 20mm, but the wide-angle zoom seems popular as another option.

but pricey... $800 or so is hard to justify unless you do many wide angle photos. I wish someone came out with a cheaper alternative, even if it's manual. I am currently using Sigma 12-24 and LA-EA2, but it's a large combination for just an occasional use.

2. Sony 16mm is extremely soft, not worth its money

It's the cheapest Sony lens! I think it's pretty sharp overall, just in the extreme corners, it suffers. Needs stopping down for best results, and CA is a bit of a problem, but I found this lens better than some say.

3. the same can be said for 16-50 soft corners and extreme vignetting

I'd rather use the 16mm prime than the 16-50. The 16-50 also has soft corners, but seems worse than the 16mm when stopped down, but maybe it's just me.

4. Sony 50mm f/1.8 make a better Portrait prime than Sigma 30/2.8

True. It's a better focal length plus wider aperture.

5. 30mm is too tight for decent landscape, yet kind of too wide for portrait too

It's a bit tight for my preference, but if you were forced to use one lens, it might be OK as a general purpose lens.

That's what the 18-105 is for. If I need a general purpose compact lens for when I don't want to carry it, I am leaning more towards 19/2.8.

Anyhow, I think a Sigma 19mm + Sony 50mm f/1.8 is the ultimate "DUAL LENS" setup.

I'd say that a 19/20 and 30/35 combo would be more practical unless you did a lot of portraits.

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Gary W.

I do lots of portraits... which is one of the main reasons to go with 18-105, as it has very nice bokeh in tele range.

I think I will keep the 19, as a "portable walkabout" it would be useful in more situations than 30. Just need to wait for the current sale to end before putting it on the market.

Well, as I always do when deciding to sell a lens, I took both 19 and 30 for a week long spin. I decided to keep the 30,  it is a more useful FL but equally importantly, it's the most portable lens I have.

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