Crop sensor vs Full Frame for Wildlife/Birds

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Re: Crop sensor vs Full Frame for Wildlife/Birds

Lots of variables here..

You seem happy with the AF and tracking on the A99, so that seems to say you are not one of the users shooting in a way where the A77II is helping you a lot.

Pixels vs Lens Ability.

If you are always shooting the longest on the lens and wide open.  Then in general you may only be getting 10-12 MP of sharp resolution. so you don't see it.

However.. and I am wondering if we can see it in these shots or was it in others...

You talked about when look close to the feather edges close up the A77II looks softer..

That may well be your extra pixels the edges might be softer.. when you have 10 MP (and the micro lenses might not be going edge to edge.  Very subtle transitions are going to become sharper.. if something takes 3  A77II pixels to go from edge to fringe to gone  on a 10 MP camera you may only have edge to gone.    If you took it to the extreme and did a 20 pixel frame you would have very sharp transition between the light brown box that was a bird and the blue box next to it.

Is that softer transition a function of the lens sharpness limitation?  or is it part of the reality of what you are shooting? Do features have hard edges?   Is there still some micro motion blur.?

Do you need it.. No.. you will not starve etc.  Does the value you put into it equal or exceed the value you are getting out of it.. and only you know the answer to that.

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