Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

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Re: My 50L was "soft" until….

DFPanno wrote:

Steve W wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

… a sent it to Canon and had it calibrated to my 5D3.

It came back a whole different lens.

With the right artistic intentions in mind it is a fantastic lens.

I would not replace it with a sharper lens with rougher bokeh. I have a 50 f/1.4 for that.

Thought about doing this as well. Did it come back with them working with an AFMA setting of zero or with some +/- setting. Did they adjust just the lens, the body, the AFMA setting, or some of each. Reason I ask is that I really can't afford to do all my lenses so I don't know how this would impact how the other lenses I own.

They adjusted the body and it did not involve a change in AFMA; it was zero !

They adjusted some other module but I never got a full explanation.

The lens went from being unusable to perfect.

I thought I was just dealing with the challenges of the 50L. Wish I sent it sooner.

This is very interesting! Can I ask if it was universally 'soft' before you sent it off? Or was the centre point OK at most distances? When you contacted Canon, how did you describe the problem? And.. now that it's back, is it equally sharp with all focus points on the 5D3 at wide open? And.. finally, has the repair had any impact on the performance of any other lenses you use?

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