Video image quality in Fujifilm cameras is really that bad? X-A1 an exception

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Miki Nemeth
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Video image quality in Fujifilm cameras is really that bad? X-A1 an exception

I did not want to highjack anyone else's threads that made me experiment more with the video capabilities of my X-A1. Before my short vacation a couple of weeks ago, somehow I have not noticed the so many negative comments about the alleged/assumed inferior quality of Fuji videos; therefore, not being aware that I am doing bad thing, I used my X-A1 for recording videos and I loved the image quality a lot (sound quality is another story). I have already published a couple of links here, but for the completeness, here are them again in case someone is searching the forum for X-A1 video samples in a couple of months:

When I returned back home, suddenly, I found a number of negative comments about Fuji video; actually only Eduardo Portas published how happy he is with his X100's video. Then I made a series of totally informal tests/experiments. I am just an engineer taking photos and videos as hobby trying to get the best results from my cameras possible. Here are three short ones (none of them are longer than 3 minutes) trying to simulate the look of an X100 with its 23mm/f2 (if it had a tilting touch screen with dedicated video button, it would be my dream camera, I guess).

Around the village house on hot summer day

Filming People around Keleti

On the train to Keleti

This is very short 4 x 6-second movie to compare the image quality of Fujifilm X-A1 (16-50mm) and Nikon V1 (10-30mm), both with their quite good quality kit lenses. Green and red are the most problematic colors to handle:

The X-A1 does not display any information about aperture and ISO when I press the video button; all video exposure parameters are decided automatically by the camera. The V1 provides a lot of options and has even a microphone jack, and usually regarded as a decent video-capable camera (see ). Similarly I took videos, which I found excellent to my purpose with my Sony A7 (now in use by my daughter), and the A7, too, is regarded as one of the best ILC with video. Many on this forum was complaining the low bitrate of videos on Fujifilm cameras. On the other hand, I found these figures by reviewing the properties of the video files coming from my cameras all 1920 x 1080/30p:

X-A1 (MOV): 38303 kbps

V1 (MOV): 25484 kbps

A7 (MTS): 21507 kbps

And file sizes are according to these rates.

The Church in Szenna village. The XC 16mm/f3.5 lens is excellent when I need 24mm FoV until I get the Metabones FD-FX speedbooster.

I gave 4.5 stars to X-A1, since in its category (inexpensive, APS-size, 1920x1080/30p, MILC) it is surprisingly fine lovely camera. I would have never picked and bought it based on the specification after I owned an A7, but since I got it from my daughter as a gift, I'll do my best to exploit all its features and capabilities.

Take care, Miki

PS: The reason I post this here is that I found the DP forums excellent place as shared blogging platform/community, and I learned so much here.

PPS: To photoreddi: Sap is part of our 3-part village

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