Why did Sony cripple the 36mp A7R?

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Re: Why did Sony cripple the 36mp A7R?

dave wrote:

When I first seen the specs for the A7R and the A7, I new that there was a business related reason that the A7 was superior to the A7R in a few ways. Lack of the first curtain electronic shutter made the camera louder then necessary. Why does the A7 have a faster flash sync speed? Why does the A7R lack hybrid auto focus for better performance? These two limitations make the camera less desirable. I think that this was because of an agreement with Nikon, not to cut into their sales of the D800E. What do you think?

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You have got it backwards. The A7r is a non-compromised sensor to deliver the highest possible IQ, whereas the A7 is an everyday-use type of camera.

The biggest difference is lack of PDAF cells on the A7r, which make the camera less friendly to use. Also, flash sync speed is limited and WA lenses can vignet easier, but you get an amazing 36Mp resolution with a very impressive ISO curve. The camera is aimed at landscape photographers and pros who need to print big. The lack of EFCS is not an issue for them, and they may not even use it if included (high ss issues).

The A7 is friendlier, due to the inclusion of PDAF, which makes people shots much easier (quicker). A7r users (studio & photoshoots) will most likely use MF, or the LA-EA4 adapter. It is not the camera for newbees like yourself... the A7 is.

If you want the A7r with these features, you are not looking for a tool, only bragging rights...

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