Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

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Re: My 50L was "soft" until….

Steve W wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

… a sent it to Canon and had it calibrated to my 5D3.

It came back a whole different lens.

With the right artistic intentions in mind it is a fantastic lens.

I would not replace it with a sharper lens with rougher bokeh. I have a 50 f/1.4 for that.

Thought about doing this as well. Did it come back with them working with an AFMA setting of zero or with some +/- setting. Did they adjust just the lens, the body, the AFMA setting, or some of each. Reason I ask is that I really can't afford to do all my lenses so I don't know how this would impact how the other lenses I own.

They adjusted the body and it did not involve a change in AFMA; it was zero !

They adjusted some other module but I never got a full explanation.

The lens went from being unusable to perfect.

I thought I was just dealing with the challenges of the 50L.  Wish I sent it sooner.

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