Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

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Re: Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

steve vida wrote:

These examples are very good TubbyC,the performance of UWA`s is generally better stopped down to at least F8.I have had a chance to get out with the 10-18SEL & its the same with the image getting respectable around F6.3.Overall 15mm on the A7 is wide enough for my purposes & works OK at 17 to 18 with minimal cropping.I dont think its the best IQ in its class but if you use FF plus APS-c cameras its a very handy lens to have,I dont think there are any lenses as compact as the Sony in the UWA class & it does take 62mm. filters.

A7@ 15mmF8.

I kicked this one around for awhile too, in the end I went 10-18 as well. It's pretty awesome on the A7, 12mm is crazy wide. Got mine used for $600, more than the Samyang, but it has AF and OSS, and its MUCH smaller/lighter. It easily takes threaded filters too, something that's a bit of a hassle with the Samyang since you need that massive adapter and large filters.

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