Seeking Advice on Video Shooting and Processing

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Re: Seeking Advice on Video Shooting and Processing

averacpa wrote:

Hi Folks, I have been shooting stills for a very long time and now want to use the equipment I have to add a video component to my travels. I am just starting out and looking for basic advice and tips on how to shoot and process videos; no 4K video or GH4 at this time. Specifically what books or guides to read, which software is easier to edit and splice the various clips, what tips and settings to use on my equipment, etc..

My equipment consist of the EM-1, GX-1 and the Oly TG-3 (primarily for underwater) with a various lenses: Oly 9-18, Panny 20, Oly 45, Panny 45-150, and Panny 100-300. I am going to Machu Pichu and the Galapagos in August. The main camera will be the EM-1 with the Panny GX-1 as backup or setup with the 45-150. The TG-3 is for the snorkeling trips in the Galapagos. I am also using a Mac Pro computer.

Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated.


Just like photography you are telling a story. Video can be as simple as point and shoot what you see or something more involved where you Must understand lighting, exposure and composition. You must understand how and when to move the camera or zoom a lens. When you shoot video if you are moving handheld you have to take your time and not just pay attention to the video but the audio as well. If you jostle the camera or even whisper the microphone will pick this sound up and potentially run the shot. For example, Turn Off florescent lights, not just because of the color temp issues but the humming of the light fixture will pick up on the audio track. Heck, if you are shooting where a telephone could ring turn that off before you start. You need constant light unlike a flash to take a still shot and they come in many forms.

***Important: If you get a tripod or Mono-pod be sure you specially get a Fluid Head for video, you can not use a ball or 3 way head for video and get a smooth result. However, a video head can be used for still needs not the other way. That is if you want to do it right.

You shoot an interview, wedding, birthday party, all different. Anytime you see a movie or TV show the blocking or camera moves are planned ahead of time so you know where the camera starts and ends.

All the rigs and accessories come with this SO you can easily spend A lot of money making a still camera a video camera. In some cases it is more economical shooting a dedicated video camera. I use the Canon XA-20 with the Audio Technica BP-29 mic because I can change the pick up pattern of the audio which I think is really important in this style of microphone. Lavalieres are also good to have. The topic if Audio production is as involved as lighting and gels etc.

You have to know going into a situation what you want to do after the fact when you can not re-shoot.

I can suggest the website:

DSLR video (all one word in the search) and news

I can also suggest the web site which does cost and you can cancel at anytime. It is $25/month as a start and I think you get a 7 day free trial. They have video training on shooting and editing video.

I started as a film shooter which became video before getting into still photography which uses the main concepts across platforms.

Just depends how serious and intense you need to be and how flexible too.

On the editing side if you use a Mac Final Cut is great but you have a learning curve. iMovie is a great program and is like the Photoshop Elements of video.  Their are many plug-ins for effect like stills.

I can't speak for a PC, industry standard is Apple Mac for video and photography needs.

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