D700 > D810 or Used D3S?

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D700 > D810 or Used D3S?

Hi - just joined the forum.

I am comparatively new to the world of Nikon photography, having bought a used D700 around 10 months ago. I am shooting predominately concert photography and this is where my principle interest lies.

Around a month ago, I had an eBay clear out and bought a used D3S, with the intention of using the D700 as a second camera body. In my first outing with the D3S, I realised that the D700 isn't really a comparable second body as my D3S images (at ISO10000) completely blew away the D700 ones (at ISO6400). I knew there would be a difference, but it was like night and day.

So, before prices plummet the D700 will very shortly go on eBay to help fund a second, more comparable camera body. Question is, what would be the best option?

A second, used D3S would be a known quantity. A new D810 wouldn't be a huge step in price and would offer some benefits. I can see me using the video features; in the event I ever got into portraits or landscapes the added resolution would be nice, and the ability to crop right into images would be handy. Finally, a D810, whilst still enormous, is just about OK to take on holiday with the family. I can't see me ever doing that with my D3S. The D810 clearly seems the more versatile camera.

Against all this, I wonder about the low light capability of all those tiny pixels - although I figure if it is designed to shoot at 12800 like the D3S, it's got to be OK? I'm also concerned when I read about how unforgiving the huge resolution cameras can be in the hands of less able photographers. Although I'm pleased with my images thus far, I make no claims about my expertise and wonder whether I'm up to a D810? Finally, there's something pleasing about buying a used camera body, knowing that somebody else has taken the hit on depreciation.

I haven't included the D610 in my thoughts here. I figure if I'm going to take a jump in resolution, it might as well be the whole way. I'm also unsure how the low light capability would stack up against the D3S. That said, I'm happy to hear any compelling arguments in favour of the D610 too.

I'd really value the thoughts of the combined expertise on here.




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