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As an E-M5 owner.... the question is intriguing

I purchased an E-M5 because it was a nice big step up from my E-30, and it was the only option I had to make that move two years ago. If I were making that same decision today, it would be a much more difficult choice, because now there are three options. And the interesting thing is these cameras are NOT set apart by image quality. All three will provide roughly the same image quality. It is the other features that will set them apart.

Obviously, the flagship E-M1 is the best camera in the group. But it should be since it costs considerably more than the other two. It is the only real option for people who want to use PDAF 4/3 lenses due to the on chip PDAF and the much better grip. It also has the best EVF, and probably the best build quality of the three cameras. It is worthy of being the flagship because it stands head and shoulders above the other two.

But....... the E-M10 has an awful lot going for it.....

  • smallest and lightest OM-D camera
  • cheapest when purchased brand new
  • the only one with a built in flash
  • has the same image processor as the E-M1
  • has focus peaking, like the E-M1
  • has 81 focus points, like the E-M1
  • has a 1,037,000 dot LCD, like the E-M1
  • has WIFI, like the E-M1
  • has timelapse recording, like the E-M1
  • the "hump" looks better due to the removal of the accessory port

And..... the E-M5 has a few things going for it too

  • not much more expensive than an E-M10
  • has a magnesium alloy body, like the E-M1
  • has weather sealing, like the E-M1
  • has 5-axis IS, like the E-M1

If I were facing the same decision I made two years ago, I think the E-M10 would be my first choice. But that is because I want the smallest and lightest camera with a built in EVF, and I don't want to use 4/3 lenses with my M4/3 camera. And the $100 saved by selecting the E-M10 over the E-M5 could be applied towards a better lens.

There really is no good reason to stop using my E-M5. The E-M1 is more camera than I need, and the E-M10 has a few nice new features, but would be a foolish expense without any improvement in image quality from a camera I already own. In fact, the E-M5 should be my main camera for quite a few more years to come.

Because it really is THAT good, and I already own it.

But your situation is different from mine. If I were in your place, with more choices available to me than I had two years ago, I think the E-M10 would be my choice.

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