Lens reversal ring for Olympus 60mm macro?

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Re: Lens reversal ring for Olympus 60mm macro?

Dunkelbunt wrote:

Being a beginner myself, my understanding is that reversing a macro lens gets you even closer to your subject than the extension tubes will alone. I do own extension tubes and would like to try using them together with the lens reversal ring to be able to fill the frame with the eye of a dragonfly for example.

I think I've misplaced mine because I found a better way to "skin the cat" as we used to say. When you reverse a lens to a camera body the working distance between the rear of you reversed lens to your subject becomes very difficult. You will literally be touching the rear lens element in some cases.

A much better solution (for me at least) is to mount the 60mm macro normally then get a "macro coupler". You retain all the electronic functions of the camera and lens but can get extremely high magnifications by mounting another reversed lens to the front of your 60mm macro. Working distance will still be a problem but much less so. Your magnification will depend on the lens you reverse mount onto the front of your 60 macro. Just divide the 60 by the reversed lens to get your magnification. Say you reverse mount a 25mm lens onto the 60, your magnification will be 60 divided by 25 = 2.4x. Or you reverse mount a 12mm onto the 60, your magnification will be 5x.

I first learned of this technique from the great photographer John Shaw in his "Close Ups in Nature" , a fantastic book. I'm sure you could do an internet search on this topic and find a much more professional explanation. Good luck.

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