What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

Started Jul 4, 2014 | Polls thread
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Responding in text: poll allows just one answer! ;-)

Hi Marty,

assuming you have some power within the industry as opposed to just being curious, i.e. that this is actually useful.

I currently own an APS-C DSLR, a pocketable superzoom, and a smartphone, as my main working cameras.  Plus some older stuff.

Here's what I'm thinking about:
- the DSLR delivers solid image quality but it is too big and heavy which makes it unsuitable to, say, daily commute or business travel, and still quite inconvenient bordering on impossible for things like difficult hikes, biking, rock climbing - either it's too complicated to take it there, or else it's too much of a hassle to take it out and use it.
- the pocketable superzoom offers great flexibility but the IQ is wanting
- the smartphone is fun but the IQ is also wanting and the wide angle is not wide enough

- finally, the DSLR sometimes badly fails at AF, even on landscapes (it's rare but it does occasionally happen), and its live-view mode is just too slow (and the screen is so difficult to see in sunlight when my smartphone's remains very good).  And it is poor at focusing in low-light so cameras that focus down to -4EV such as the GX7, seem appealing.

So here's what I'm considering buying:
- a system camera that is markedly smaller and lighter than my DSLR.  Either an APS-C mirrorless - the Fuji X-T1 seems really good - or m43 - the Panasonic GM1 seems really small.  But once I add a zoom lens it will still be lighter and smaller than my DSLR but not that much.  And the problem of using it in difficult situations will remain.
- an all-in-one camera with decent IQ such as the Sony RX100
- a smartphone with a 3x or 5x zoom lens when this arrives on the market

Marty4650 wrote:

There are LOTS of reasons we buy new cameras, but since these polls only permit one answer, please select the single thing that will most motivate you to upgrade or to buy your next camera.

It might be interesting to see what the camera enthusiasts who use this website might want.

Naturally, if I haven't listed the thing you want next, then select "something else" and explain what you want in your reply.


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