What is the sharpest M43 Olympus lens?

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Re: From these only the 75mm is an Olympus lens...

Paul De Bra wrote:

The OP did ask for an Olympus lens in the subject.

The main reason I do not have the 75mm in my bag is price. I cannot really justify the huge price difference between the also very sharp 45mm and the 75mm.

Although I am happy with the 20mm and 14-42X I have I'm probably going to stick to Olympus lenses to avoid needing a UV 2A filter to avoid purple fringing.

Yes, I did say Olympus lens. I know it's probably just me but I prefer to stick with the brand of lens that goes with the camera. No, I don't need anybody telling me I'm stupid and missing out on some great lenses. I have Nikon lenses for my Nikon and I had Minolta lenses for my Minoltas when I shot those as well as Pentax for Pentax. Yes, I've tried Tamron and Sigma but I have never been happy with either. I do have a Metabones adapter so I look forward to seeing what my 80-400 Nikon looks like on the EM-10. The 105 VR looks good on it. The only Olympus lens I have is the 14-150. I've seen lots of people rip this lens on here so I'm anxious to see what I can get with it on my trip to New Mexico this week. The few shots I've taken so far with the 14-150 are not as soft as some of the reports I've seen. There has been some great discussion in this thread and I appreciate everyone's input. It gives me a feeling on what people are seeing in the field and it helps a lot for someone not familiar with the M43 format.

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