Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

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Re: Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

As others have probably already said, Canon (as do probably many other lens companies) compute most of their lens designs for optimum performance at 'normal' working distances. What is normal? Well that depends on the lens but for a 50mm (not Macro) it is generally in the region of 10ft to infinity. For a long lens it will be further of course.

That's not to say that lenses can not focus closer than these distances but performance will generally suffer to some degree. When designing the 50mm f/1.2 L the designers considered what typically the lens would be used for. Which was not really for photographing a test chart or test scene at 3 or 4 feet at f/1.2 but unfortunately some of us will try this.

The danger is that as some of us start to accept lens tests such as DxO and Imatest, where lenses are often tested at much closer distances than ideal for the focal length, because of the limitation of the size of lens test charts and the size of rooms to do the tests in, and take these tests as gospel, then manufacturers may start to fine tune their designs to do well in such tests. Which would be a pity since this is not how most of us use them in real life.

Should this interest you then Roger Cicala has written an interesting article on the subject - "There is no perfect lens test, either." -

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