X100T - what would be on your wish list?

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Re: X100T - what would be on your wish list?

For me, the X20 was a revelation!...small beautiful, excellent quality etc. Then I bought the x100S... tested and compared both of them during hours without end!. Finally I got to the conclusion that Yes!...the X100S offers better resolution although not so evident on the day to day operation nor for the naked eye, (maybe mine as I am 65) it has tremendous good handling and just feels right.  I love the X100S ...and also love the X20!...I could sell the X20 or maybe replace it with the X30 but I would not sell the X100S.

I would not change anything on the X100S I would simply improve upon the package.

-More pre-programmed modes probably at least 2 more from C1 to C5

-Small zoom (so very convenient let us be honest) say from 18 to 85 mm....SUPER COMPACT AND BEST POSSIBLE QUALITY ONLY....OTHERWISE FORGET IT!

-Improve focusing? ok....but you can work with what you have

-No tilting screen...leave the screen as it is and do not complicate anything

-Better OFV...like the XT-1....? excellent if posible....but not necessary

-Do not mess with the sensor....leave it at 16 MP...work to improve the Software...

The X100S is a classical beaut!...do not destroy a great package if you want something totally different buy something totally different!.....

my grain of salt!

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