a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

Jefenator wrote:

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

The improvement from a NEX-7 is substantial, and especially if the majority of use is indoors with a relatively slow zoom lens, my typical situation. Seems like an a7S is an appropriate next step for me, but hate to "start over again" with new full frame lenses. My NEX-7 and 5 lenses have depreciated very quickly over a couple years of ownership.

That's a tough call. I know something of what you speak - I took a real bruising with the SEL24 and I bought mine used!

Going to a larger format can be a good way to experience the full brunt of the law of diminishing returns. (How many thousands do we want to spend per extra stop of usable ISO?)

Using legacy glass was the big trick for me. If these A7 bodies could use only FE lenses, I would probably have to wait another couple years. (As it is, tempting as they seem, part of me is hesitant to invest in the official Sony lenses. I have definite concerns about QC, depreciation and future viability. All the while my legacy glass is doing great and I can still jump to Fuji or even Canon with a couple of cheap adapters.)

The diminishing return of comparatively large costs to achieve perhaps marginal gains is especially exacerbated in the case of migrating from APSC with my NEX-7 to an a7S, since the a7S trades resolution for low light SNR, and I am not thrilled with losing cropping and editing flexibility of a 24 Mpixel body for only 12 Mpixels.

Moreover, Sony has the recurring habit of nearly obsoleting each new model so rapidly with yet another improved version that resale values are very weak. I have a NEX-7, 2 Zeiss APSC lenses (including the 24mm f/1.8), 3 other lenses also APSC, and they have dropped in total nearly 50% in 2 years. The replacement lenses I would consider are Zeiss pricing yet only Sony G or worse quality, the two FE deluxe zooms 24-70 and 70-200, both very good but neither really outstanding AFAIK.

Spending another $5K and taking a 50% loss on my prior $5K investment after 2 years is quite a steep hit. And why oh why did Sony switch their hot shoe on both my NEX-7 and a77 to yet another design, forcing me to replace my superb Metz flash guns? My dad's Leicas and Rolleiflexes appreciated and had a decade or more of enduring value and prestige, while these Sony marvels are ephemeral with no market cache' after 18 months....

Ah......decisions, decisions........

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