Manual Focus shooters - what classic lenses do you use?

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Re: Simple Answer to a simple question ...Oly OM 50 1.4 &

..I also have aan OM  50 1.8 & 35 2.8 . They are still reasonable availability and pricing , plus simple adapters are cheap for bith 4/3 & M4/3.  The 50 1.4 is bit more challenging wide open, but when you get it right it is oh so nice , but I think  the 35 2.8 is a bit more practical for walk around ..I've also got a Nikon 135 mm 2.8 which I've had a few tries , but still getting to grips with it . Examples below are not a "walk about" style, more portrait I guess,  but are favourites and illustrate what can be  achieved, even by a numpty like me . My opinion FWIW , get a few cheap & easy like the OM's( or whatever) to try before you commit serious $ .....have fun.....Ron Oz

OM Zuiko " Beautiful Light"  - 50 mm 1.4

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