Manual Focus shooters - what classic lenses do you use?

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Re: Manual Focus shooters - what classic lenses do you use?

Tamron Adaptall 24mm F2.5 as sharp at 100% as any of my M43 native lenses. Of course it's a 48mm equiv. FOV. It's one of the later manual focus lenses with more modern coatings. Got mine a couple of years back brand new for around 100.00 USD. Zone focused at F11 (haven't really noticed much diffraction) and auto-ISO it's a good walk around lens, at least in my opinion.

So much depends on the FOV you like. Another good lens for walk about, fast focusing, and closer to classic 35mm FOV, and not too expensive is the Sigma 19, but of course not a manual focus lens. I've used that on manual focus, zone focused you could do with the Panny 20mm. As others have said there's a ton of used 24-28mm lenses...many of them pretty good.

The Voightlander lenses are in a different class altogether. Very fast apertures...and quite expensive. Some others are wide Zeiss and Leica's but then you'd probably get near the same performance, along with auto-focus with much less expensive M43 lenses. I find that I just like the feel and challenge of using real metal lenses (sometimes) without spending a fortune. Klarno mentioned the Speed booster option, which I find very interesting...adding a stop and around .7 conversion I think. I might save up for one.

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