a7 + 55 f/1.8 vs 35 f/2.8 point-to-point AF accuracy?

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Re: a7 + 55 f/1.8 vs 35 f/2.8 point-to-point AF accuracy?

Thanks for all the advices. Just wanted to give an update: I eventually went for the 35mm f/2.8

And although I've only taken less than 100 frames with it (day time condition), I am very happy with its performance (AF & image quality-wise). And I am very glad that I went for 35 f/2.8 rather than the 55 f/1.8 I had in mind originally - even with the 35 I find the camera to be a little bit unwieldy sometimes. The 55 is just way too enormous for my purpose (If only the lens hood is not so big).

I missed some shots I wanted because I haven't gotten used to the much shallower DOV

I was kicking myself for missing this shot, for instance. I saw an old lady looking longingly at an old photograph (perhaps her family member) on a bus. I quickly changed my focus setting to centre and snapped this. I thought I'd nailed the focus on the photo she's looking at for sure. But then it turned out that the AF preferred her dress, and the shallow DOV blurred the photo she's looking at instead. Ah!

I had a lot more time to manually refocus with this shot, as I was not afraid of my subject noticing me (though I was slightly worried that it might want to attack me). And the detail is fantastic.

Here's 100% crop, both files are unprocessed RAW converted to JPEG

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