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Re: Winnie......

manthasfamily wrote:

manthasfamily wrote:

winniepoo wrote:

Fabulous shots,Karen ! You must be free of caffeine to get such clarity with no tripod

Another reminder of how much there is to learn about what is going on out there in the garden. Very enjoyable set.

Thanks Yuki, I appreciate your kind words!! I had actually had several cups by then. Actually I kinda got lucky, I threw a few away, but for the most part I had keepers. I think if I would have had the flash up (I don't use a diffuser, but the flash is down very low) I would have taken more; I was having trouble getting focus and higher shutter speeds. Light was difficult.

I just jokingly told Yuki that she's been dipping into the wine when I happen to see I responded to Yuki instead of Winnie......

Thank You Winnie!! I'm so sorry, I have a feeling I've done this more then once. LOL

LOl,Karen.No problem.   

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