What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

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Re: What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

I have a D4 and a D800E. I'm pretty happy with them so I'm not planning to update soon unless some disaster befalls them. However, there are some missing features I just might consider an update for.

(1) Built-in radio communication with flash and/or remote releases. That would probably also require an update of the current speedlight lineup. I occasionally have problems with optical flash communication due to line-of-sight problems or distance.

(2) Bracketing for focus. Would make focus stacking so much easier. I really like focus stacking. It allows me to emphasize a subject completely in focus while maintaining an OOF background/foreground. With camera focus bracketing, you could take several focus-bracketed shots at high speed with much more precise focus intervals than you can do by hand. With a high frame rate you could even do them hand held.

(3) Internal storage of user-defined camera settings. Something that could restore settings with a two-button reset to settings chosen by the user rather than just factory defaults. That could also be coupled with a menu item to restore menu settings on power-up. I know we can save settings on a card and restore them through the menu, but reformatting cards is occasionally necessary and that wipes out the settings. More than once I have changed a setting and forgotten to change it back. This feature would mitigate that problem.

Naturally, the cost of an upgrade has a strong influence on the decision.

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